Is Buying Cheap Traffic Reliable?

You’ve come across an ad telling you to buy cheap traffic with guaranteed conversions – should you?

Paid web traffic is becoming increasingly popular among all types of businesses; it is the quickest way to drive large numbers to their landing pages. Most of the viral videos you see on social media are the result of paid likes sold by a range of companies. And many of the businesses you see high on the SERPs will have bought cheap traffic as part of a larger traffic driving campaign.

Even so, you won’t be able to buy web traffic for much less than $0.025 per visitor. If you find a company that does, keep your eyes open.


Very cheap website traffic might mean bots. Or at least partial bot traffic that doesn’t convert unless all you want is a click. Always make sure your provider guarantees 100% human visitors. Like we do.

Or you might not receive any traffic at all. Unfortunately, scam companies offer cheap web traffic for sale, collect orders over a short period, and disappear after a few (profitable) weeks without sending a single person to your landing page. You’ll only get reliable cheap traffic when you buy from a provider that delivers within 48 hours of your completed order. Like we do.

When a cheap website traffic provider guarantees conversions, find someone else. If your site looks and performs brilliantly, your product or service is something people like, your customer services department is second to none, your prices and shipping costs are competitive, and your analysis has pinpointed the right target groups, paid traffic will definitely convert. It might not convert in as high numbers as SEO-generated visitors, but it’s also very unlikely you’ll generate similar volumes of traffic by organic means in as short a time. No reputable web traffic (cheap or not) provider will guarantee conversions. We don’t.

Should you find a source of cheap website traffic for your Adsense site, beware. A provider can’t promise 100% Adsense safe traffic. While practically all of your paid visitors will get through, Adsense might sift out a handful. Only trust a provider that offers cheap traffic that is 99% Adsense safe. Like we do.

Finally, let’s show how worthwhile it is to add cheap web traffic to your marketing budget.

You own an eCommerce site that looks great and functions perfectly, is priced fairly and is slowly working its way up the SERPs; however, your business isn’t generating the traffic you need to be successful.

You order cheap web traffic from us after researching your highest-converting target groups. You ensure the countries you select understand the language used on your website and are within (free) shipping distance. 

A healthy conversion rate is around 3 – 4%. Some businesses achieve much higher than this, but let’s be realistic. With paid traffic, it is unlikely you’ll get that.

Instead, you might expect a 0.5% conversion rate.

Pathetic, right?

Wrong. You’re forgetting the volume and the price.

If you order 100,000 targeted visitors from one of our cheap web traffic plans and only 0.5% of them convert, you’ve converted 500 people at $0.6 per conversion. If each conversion means a 60 cent sale, you’ve broken even. Anything higher than that, and you’re in profit.

So when you want a visitor boost, don’t ignore paid website traffic – cheap, human (with the potential to convert), and a strategy that pairs well with slower SEO techniques.

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