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Paying with bitcoin has many advantages. No credit card, no bank, points and discretion.

Bitcoin use continues to grow. Tesla recently reported that it will start to accept this mode of currency – albeit on a limited basis – for its products, and has just bought $1.5 billion in bitcoin in preparation. Major retailers have been accepting bitcoin payments via the Bitcoin Wallet for years – Microsoft, Overstock, Starbucks (via Bakkt) and Expedia are just some examples. Other companies do not accept bitcoin but do accept bitcoin giftcards, such as Amazon. Also, paying via cryptocurrency apps is becoming simpler across a broad range of services, including paid website traffic.

For those who are only starting to think of transferring some of their funds to cryptocurrency or have no idea what decentralized currency is all about, here’s a short explanation …

When you hear talk of digital currency, virtual currency or cryptocurrency, you are hearing about bitcoin. Bitcoin is online cash. Bitcoins are not physical currency but computer files – without these files’ individual codes, digital currency is completely worthless. They are not real coins or notes but digital references stored in a filing cabinet called a digital wallet. Bitcoin depends on our willingness to give them worth, while hard currency is based upon material goods like gold. This makes some people a little nervous.

Other people are nervous of the power of banks. This is why decentralized methods of currency make other people very happy. For over a decade, bitcoin has enjoyed a rollercoaster ride in popularity. It now seems clear that cryptocurrency is here to stay.

You can add bitcoins to your wallet in three ways: buy bitcoin using cash transactions, sell products and give your customers the option to pay with bitcoin (like at Ultimate Web Traffic), or create bitcoin on a computer. Make money? Wow!

Don’t be fooled, it’s not easy. Bitcoin mining requires very powerful computers (and the electricity to run them) and a lot of time. These computers spend a lot of time doing math, constantly figuring out difficult mathematics problems. Every now and again, the computer’s effort is rewarded with a bitcoin. Right at the start, easier math got rewards. Now, these sums are so complex it can take years to earn one. This means years of electricity and computer part bills.

Many bitcoin users trade on the equivalent of the bitcoin stock market. As the worth of a single bitcoin has jumped incredibly (to about $46,000), most deal in Satoshis or 0.00000001 of one bitcoin.

When you pay with bitcoin at Ultimate Web Traffic, you pay in Satoshis. For 229 USD-worth of bitcoin, that’s about half a million Satoshi (Feb. 2021). And every bitcoin transaction around the world is reported on a list known as the blockchain.

US$229 just happens to be the amount you would pay for 50,000 US-based targeted human website visitors at Ultimate Website Traffic. As a top provider of digital products, it wouldn’t be good business to limit our forward-thinking customers. Your bitcoin buys website traffic with a single click at Ultimate Website Traffic – it’s easy.

If you opt for payment with bitcoin, buy website traffic on our site by filling in your order-specific details then selecting Bitcoin (including Bitcoin Cash) from the three offered payment methods (credit card, direct bank transfer and bitcoin).

And that’s all you need to do!

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