Buy Website Traffic: Bitcoin Purchases

Paying with bitcoin has many advantages. No credit card, no bank, points and discretion. Bitcoin use continues to grow. Tesla recently reported that it will start to accept this mode of currency – albeit on a limited basis – for its products, and has just bought $1.5 billion in bitcoin in preparation. Major retailers have […]

Will You Get Banned If You Buy Targeted Traffic?

Tactics to increase traffic to your website, blog or social media profile can no longer be counted on the fingers of one hand. The foundations of traffic generation – SEO and ads – still create the platform on which our online businesses are built. However, more and more of us turn to alternative methods to […]

What is Web Traffic?

A high volume of web traffic that converts is the holy grail of every online business. Marketing budgets focus on bringing visitors – traffic – to our websites and social media profiles. Visitors can be human or pieces of code called bots. A pay-per-click site that gathers revenue from visitors that click on ads might […]

How Can You Increase Web Traffic?

To increase web traffic, you first need to know your goals. And when it comes to visitors to your site, conversion goals must be well-defined. Conversion goals come in many shapes and forms: Brand awareness; Clicks; Subscribers; Shares; Website navigation; Sales; Newsletter signups; Personal data. Once goals are defined, marketing strategies focus on increasing the […]

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