How Can You Increase Web Traffic?

To increase web traffic, you first need to know your goals. And when it comes to visitors to your site, conversion goals must be well-defined.

Conversion goals come in many shapes and forms:

  • Brand awareness;
  • Clicks;
  • Subscribers;
  • Shares;
  • Website navigation;
  • Sales;
  • Newsletter signups;
  • Personal data.

Once goals are defined, marketing strategies focus on increasing the type of website traffic that is most likely to attain them. This is targeted web traffic.

A combination of multiple strategies is necessary to get the right traffic to your site in high quantities. You’ll need to select slow and rapid techniques to bring in the masses. Use ads, social media marketing and email marketing on top of the following strategies to move (and stay) ahead of your competition.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) describes a large group of strategies, all with the same goal – to make your business description as visible as possible in search engine results pages (SERPs). Type ‘hotel in New York’ and you’ll see pages and pages of results. Hotels in the top five to ten results attract much more web traffic than hotels on the second page. 

SEO means bidding for the top keywords (search terms) used by people browsing the web. It means using keywords and the right meta descriptions within your web design and content. SEO is for scoring high in Google and other search engine algorithms. Make the algorithms like your website by offering your visitors a great user experience (rapid-loading pages, no broken links), pages people want to interact with, and something interesting and unique.

Unfortunately, SEO can be expensive, especially if your business is placed within a competitive sector. It also takes time – months – to boost yourself up the SERPs. Even so, SEO remains the primary marketing strategy for increased web traffic.

Paid Web Traffic

Did you know you can buy web traffic composed of targeted human visitors. Paid web traffic is the quickest way of getting high volumes of people to visit your specified landing page; it is cheap compared to most other marketing methods and, although paid web traffic might not convert as well as carefully cultivated SEO traffic, numbers make up for this. 

If your SEO strategies bring in 2000 targeted visitors a week to your $10 (in profit) subscription service and 4% of these convert, you’ll earn around $3200 a month. SEO costs vary – $800 a month is neither low nor high. So you make around $2600.

Buy web traffic from a reputable provider and the conversion rate will be lower, even when targeted. However, our Targeted Web Traffic plan offers 250,000 targeted visitors for just over $700. Even if only 0.2% of these convert, that’s 500 sales ($5,000). Your profit is around $4,300.

Combined Strategies = Cumulative Web Traffic

The more strategies you use to get more web traffic, the better. No single strategy works anywhere near as well as it does when partnered with other traffic generating strategies. Mix and match and constantly test your target markets to get the highest conversion rates from your growing visitor numbers.

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