Money Back Guarantee

UltimateWebTraffic offers safety, transparency and quality web traffic

It’s rare we are asked to fulfill the terms of our money back guarantee. But we feel it’s important for our customers to know that Ultimate Web Traffic is prepared to back up its promises with a money back guarantee.

If we fail to send you the traffic you order as described in the below list, we’ll refund your order costs in full. That’s right, in full. Our full money back guarantee applies in the following circumstances:

  • We fail to deliver any of your traffic.
  • We refuse to sell you the traffic you ordered.
  • We send your traffic to the wrong URL.
  • We send all the wrong target group(s) to your URL.
  • You cancel your order before any traffic has been sent.
  • To be eligible for a full refund you must apply within 30 days of your order.

You are also offered a partial refund in the following circumstances:

You cancel your order after a portion of your ordered traffic has been sent. Refunds are based upon the amount of traffic not delivered.

You do not receive the volume of traffic as paid for in your order. Refunds are based upon the amount of traffic not delivered.

We send some of the wrong target group(s) to your URL. Refunds are based upon the total ordered visitor volume divided by the total number of selected niches.

To be eligible for a partial refund you must apply within 30 days of your order.

If we fail to send the numbers as stated in your order, you are more than welcome to ask us to make up the numbers rather than apply for a refund. This we will do as soon as possible, usually within 48 hours. You will not be entitled to a refund in this case unless we fail to send the required numbers. As our plans usually end up sending more traffic than is ordered, we feel confident you’ll never need to ask!

Please make sure you read our Terms and Conditions before ordering from Ultimate Web Traffic. Our money back guarantee does not cover orders for URLs containing prohibited content such as hate sites and underage pornography. However, if we see that your site is a prohibited one, it is more than likely we will cancel your order and refund your money in full.

For domains that work with Adsense, we recommend turning this off during paid traffic campaigns. Although our web traffic is 99% Adsense safe, we can’t guarantee that some of it won’t be filtered out. We don’t offer full or partial refunds for website traffic that has been blocked by Adsense.

While Ultimate Web Traffic always does its utmost to ensure all of your ordered human visitors (usually more) arrive on your selected URL, to err is human. That’s why we protect every customer with a money back guarantee according to the situations described above. Your paid traffic order is always safe with Ultimate Web Traffic

Traffic Reseller

If you are interested in reselling our traffic, please contact us directly by email, or using the contact form. We offer various options for resellers and can offer you just the solution you need.

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