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While most of our adult traffic customers manage casino, x-rated, pharmaceutical and adult dating sites, it’s worth considering this niche for a broader range of online businesses.


Why? When you buy adult web traffic from a great provider – like Ultimate Web Traffic – you are arranging for a very useful targeted group to arrive on your digital doorstep. Adult traffic is more like social media traffic than other niches. In other words, visitors are more used to clicking, navigating and checking out ads than, for example, a DIY or gardening niche. Just like with people who use social media, a short visual zap to the senses can go a long way.


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There’s another reason to buy adult website traffic for your adult or non-adult URL, especially with the 100% human traffic provided by us. The word ‘human’ says it all. Human interests always vary. Someone who gambles can also be very interested in fashion accessories. A person looking for a steamy date might be very into organic fruit juice. Even groups who spend hours on x-rated sites need to buy laundry detergent (some more often than others).


Working the other way around is less likely to be a marketing success. Paying for more innocent niches to arrive on your casino or porn site could backfire. Selecting the wrong country could lead to fines or even legal action. That’s why adult traffic always has a separate plan.


At Ultimate Web Traffic, adult traffic can be delivered as an undifferentiated group of over-18s (obviously, we can’t pick out youngsters who lie about their age) or as targeted adult traffic. Our adult traffic is forwarded to you from long-running adult sites managed by our teams. As we collect various data from our one-off and regular visitors and users, we can further differentiate adult groups into more specific categories – niches within a niche, so to speak. With our highly competitive pricing, top customer service, a money back guarantee and geo locations and visitor volume galore, you know you’re in the right hands.


Buy adult traffic in low numbers – as low as just 7,000 visitors – or inundate your URL with 250,000 adult visitors overnight if your server can handle it. It’s worth testing the responses of adult traffic against generic niches, too. Because, as we already mentioned, people who spend time on casino, porn and adult dating sites are very used to clicking on interesting offers.


To get the most out of your adult web visitors, design a landing page especially for them. This group appreciates the visual, the rapidly loading, and the word ‘free’. Free spins, free videos, free messaging. If your server or website can’t manage a sudden influx of visitors, slow page loading will put this niche (all niches, in fact) off. Trickle larger orders to your site over a number of days or weeks to ensure a completely user-friendly experience.


Whatever your business type, paid adult traffic can be an effective and extremely quick way of getting large numbers of grown-ups to view your website. Have a look at our adult traffic plan and see how this often underrated niche can help your online business practically overnight.