5 Tips for You to Drive Traffic to Your Website (not SEO)


Yes, you read that right.

While most online businesses will probably go for high-quality keywords and make sure that their Search Engine Optimization game is strong, the truth is that SEO is simply a climb to the top that is often too difficult to handle, especially when you do it to drive traffic to your website. Sadly, with SEO, only a few survive.

You see, the problem with SEO is that everybody is doing it. See, you get these awesome keywords that are guaranteed to increase traffic to your website, and so you try to write about them. Problem is, as you do what you do to drive traffic to your website, everyone else will be doing practically the same thing.

So, this raises the question: what to do now? Here are five other tactics you can apply for you to magically drive traffic to your website.

  1. You can get into guest blogging. The use of guest blogging is for two things: first, you can gradually establish your name and your credibility as an authority in a particular niche (or niches). Second, guest blogging also helps you to present some calls to action in the course of your articles that will direct potential customers to you, and drive traffic to your website.
  2. Utilize (and capitalize on) social media marketing. Social media is one very powerful tool for all your marketing needs. Well, this would also mean that you focus on the platforms that are used by your target demographic, but once you begin, you’re on your way to a huge opportunity to drive traffic to your website. Thus, get those Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn skills to good use. Getting wider coverage on social media will really help in giving you the exposure that you need.
  3. Make use of email marketing. Remember that for any regular person, it is always the personal approach that matters more. When you do the personal approach by sending those emails, then the ones who receive the email will really appreciate it, thereby allowing you to drive traffic to your website.
  4. Have fun integrating some videos into your content. For most website visitors, it matters that your content is able to engage them, and what better way to drive traffic to your website than by posting the kind of content that really talks to them, such as a great video? Moreover, video content also makes sending the message far easier to handle than having to make your visitors read everything. It’s a great and fast way to give visitors a foretaste of what your product or service has in store for them.
  5. Begin getting on online advertising, and watch how this can drive traffic to your website. No matter how much of a value non-paid strategies are in the area of promotions, there’s just something about advertising that makes it so powerful. And you can do better online advertising in two ways: retargeting and remarketing.

So the next time you need to drive traffic to your website, you know that SEO is not the only correct answer.